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It’s Just Lunch offers clients a chance to get acquainted over lunch.The firm does all the work, making reservations, clearing the matches with customers.National research has shown that individuals with disabilities who have opportunities for self-determination and transition planning have better life outcomes.

That’s why we’re asking Jennie Niles, our Deputy Mayor for Education, and Superintendent Hanseul Kang and OSSE to fully fund the 2014 Special Education Reforms when they submit the budget requests to Mayor Bowser.

Improving special education in every school – DC Public Schools, nonpublic and charter – will benefit all students.

We are inspired by the motto: "a rising tide lifts all boats." “Supported Decision-Making is a way people with disabilities and older adults can shape their own futures with the support they need and want.” DCASE supported this effort and is proud that DCASE schools have used supported decision making and self-advocacy as key pillars in their curriculum for students with disabilities.

This event, hosted by DCASE, School Talk and Edlavitch DCJCC attracted representatives from public, charter and nonpublic special education schools and programs gathered at the Edlavitch DCJCC on February 21 to have dynamic discussions on the topic of sex education and healthy relationships for youth with disabilities.

This program was open to any stakeholder, community member, self-advocate, family member, educator, and anyone ready to be “change agents” and there were over 100 who answered the call!This means that they are participating in their own IEP meetings, practicing self-advocacy, able to describe their disability, and share their needs and goals.These include their plans to support their future education, employment, and independent living needs.Yet, because of the delay in this legislation, thousands of DC students with IEPs who turned 14 last year and this year and next year , will not be working with their school team, families and community to make goals and plans to support their future education, employment, and independent living needs.