Validating null value in plsql

19-Sep-2017 00:09

Ben - If you feel nulls should be rarely used, what about these types of columns?

It does not mean we should adjust our database to his knowledge. What are the advantages of having a NULL value in a varchar field rather than an empty string.

You can never quite be sure if a value exists or not.

Does that make you feel safe and comfortable when programming?

To see how these behave differently, look at the following query where we are trying to find the number of fields that do not have values: This returns the following record: LEN Count: 3NULL Count: 2LIKE Count: 3Combo Count: 5We were looking for 5 as records 4, 5, 7, 8, and 10 do not have values in them.

validating null value in plsql-15

dating description definitions

However, you can see that only one attempt returned 5.

BUT, I would say in our web applications, how many times is that required OR even relevant?