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13-Oct-2017 15:53

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The film (and play) blend the story being performed with the one taking place behind the stage so well, some viewers may have realized some parallels were forming, but never grasped just how much of Shakespeare's core story was adopted.

Brilliance aside, the Porter's songs and music take up much of the spotlight - something Shakespeare was apparently missing.

If our list has shown anything, it's that screenwriters don't make the mistake of actually making their story's source material blatantly obvious in the title.

So with , there's a good chance many martial arts fans would simply have seen the title and thought nothing of it.

We doubt William Shakespeare ever dreamed of forming a story around a leading man as suave or irresistible as LL Cool J, but the rapper-turned actor fits the role of the man hired to romance the notoriously frigid Eva.

Like previous adaptations, the con turns to genuine love, and the action spins wildly out of control.

Although the film didn't garner the same accolades as the source material, Shakespeare can't be blamed for this one.

- Based On: "Hamlet" The Twist: The bulk of the story and several key scenes remain intact, with Denmark swapped for the African savanna, and people swapped for animals (mostly lions).

- Based On: "The Taming of the Shrew" The Twist: The classic is re-imagined as the ongoing struggle between two key actors, whose disagreements jeopardize the entire play they are now attempting to perform - William Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew." American song writer and composer Cole Porter's biggest hit, was also based on the Broadway play of the same name, and possesses some of the most overt references to Shakespeare out of all the films on this list.And we can't help but think that Shakespeare's comedy and Leslie Nielsen is a match made in heaven.- Based On: "Romeo & Juliet" The Twist: Focusing on race instead of family loyalty, and exchanging words and daggers for guns and martial arts, "Romeo & Juliet" is adapted into a modern setting yet again.And a fitting tribute to one of the greatest and most influential directors Asia ever produced.

Mar 29, 2017 It was famously turned into a Broadway musical. Sorrows are sweet in WHAT’s youthful ‘Romeo and Juliet. The updating is accomplished not by.… continue reading »

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