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06-Apr-2018 16:01

Look over the reviews on Goodreads and you can see pretty clear feedback on this one from several readers!

Then there are the signs of douchebaggery that brought down my rating that much more.

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But to me, there is a world of difference between having written something and being a writer.Just a few of the moments that grated on me: * Talking about how the sound of anyone urinating weirds him out, so his wife has to give him a heads up to cover his ears when she needs to go (what are you, 5?!) * Helping his wife with brushing her teeth shortly after she just gave birth but then giving her a hard time after she got some spit on his hand, followed by him saying "I'm half kidding". So maybe her aim was off a hair, but she was heavily medicated still, and did just birth a premature baby. * All the moments he felt it necessary to reiterate that he was a man, man.Hard for me to feel for the guy when I'm struggling to get over his frat-boy vocabulary.

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