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30-Aug-2017 14:07

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Most dealerships are actually pretty cool with it if it’s just for a short ride…

and even if they insist on sending a salesman with you, hey, it’s still something fun and new to try!

Either enjoy an upscale patisserie or bring out your take-home dessert from your earlier dinner.

Even better, take your dessert to a romantic spot with a view and put the top down on your rented convertible so you can gaze at the stars, and each other.

and those fantasies often include our dream furniture and decor.

So head out to a luxury home store and pick out your ultimate fantasy appliances, furniture, art work and electronics.

Somewhere that you can try food you probably don’t usually eat, that’s quiet and candle-lit.

(My favorites would be a Tepanyaki style restaurant, or The Melting Pot.) Dessert comes later… Now that you’ve walked off a little of your dinner while at the lingerie boutique, you are ready for a fancy, decadent dessert.

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At any rate, this date night is sure to bring out some “Fantasy Fun” with your spouse and make some new everlasting memories together!

Oh, and be sure to test drive a giant king bed and a fancy chaise lounge!!

Now that you’ve worked up your appetite with your dream shopping, treat yourselves to a really fancy dinner at a place you probably didn’t think you’d ever go to.

But, for a variety of reasons, we’re unable to announce a new title.

So instead, please allow me to show you this fake project I’ve been working on.

This would, of course, make a great special anniversary night, but I think it is even better on an ORDINARY night when it’s least expected!

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