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Yeltsin was a weak leader but widely supported by the West, however his government proved to be unstable.

A wave of economic hardship put Russia's economy in ruins and left the military underfunded and undisciplined.

Russia shares land borders with Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Kaliningrad Oblast exclave on the Baltic coast, Belarus, and Ukraine to the west, Georgia and Azerbaijan to the southwest, and Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, North Korea to the east and much of the south.

Russia can't be understood by mind, Nor measured by common yardstick. Peter The Great established the Russian Empire in 1721, although the Romanov dynasty had been in power since 1613.

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World War I strained Imperial Russia's governmental and social institutions to the breaking point of Revolution in 1917.In October 1957 the USSR became the first country to launch an artificial satellite into space.This was followed by sending the first human (Yuri Gagarin) into space in 1961.During this time, Russian society was plagued by organized crime and great instability with many people having left the country.

Russia was also at war with Chechen separatists, which were largely created out of religious fanatism funded by international terror groups.The first leader of the newly formed nation was Boris Yeltsin, who rose to power by standing up to an attempted putsch.Yeltsin largely succeeded in transferring control over the country from the old Soviet elite to a newly formed cabinet of ministers.Following a brief interim government headed by social democrat Alexander Kerensky, the Bolshevik faction of the Communist Party under Marxist Vladimir Lenin seized power, with the money provided by the German establishement, withdrew Russia from the war, and launched a purge of clerics, political dissidents, aristocrats, the bourgeoise, and the wealthy independent farmers.