Diy updating knob and tube floyd mayweather dating keyshia cole

31-Oct-2017 00:28

I plan to disconnect the knob and tube for these outlets at their respective taps, pull the wire up out of the wall and put a blank plate over the hole in the wall. Doing this much wiring renovation without both might jeopardize your home insurance.

Are you in an area where home owners are allowed to do their own electrical work?

5 - Where there is wire tapped in to the knob and tube without a junction box, install a junction box and connect the romex inside the box.

There are a couple of two prong outlets in the house that we don't use that I have identified as having knob and tube run down the walls to these outlets. Thanks in advance First and foremost would be permits and inspections.

I guess that's why the home inspection didn't report it.

Ignore the ground wire for a fixture nobody can touch. Slip loam over the old wire, or wrap well with friction tape (use white and black).