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19-May-2018 23:00

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Though separation isn't always the first step toward divorce, it often ends up as just that.

If you enter separation believing it's just what you need to heal your marriage, you may be kidding yourself.

Most of the time, separation is a preamble to divorce — even if that was not the original intent.

A Dallas couple we know opted for a long-distance relationship as a means of gaining perspective.

Once it's been decided by one, or both, partners to end the relationship, most typically both partners start seeking a new relationship. If you really care about your new love interest then you'll apply more reason than emotion to your decision about dating while separated.

All too often couples who separate just to “get a little distance” find they like the distance just fine.

The best way to work out marital problems is usually under one roof.

A more accurate term for 'separated' in most of these cases would really be 'separating,' since few of these people are actually through their divorces or have completely ended their previous relationships.

In some cases couples, because of children and other intricacies related to married life, are still deeply involved with their soon to be ex-spouses One of the most common temptations people fall for when a relationship is ending is the desire to find a new love - and to do so right now!He had the perfect excuse: He was not yet divorced from his estranged wife. It would erode their joint fortune and diminish the money available to their two children.In the man's case, getting a divorce would only make him available for remarriage, an idea he hardly relishes.We often view separation as a trial period that either ends in reconnection or divorce, but in some marriages, separation — rather than divorce — becomes a permanent way of life.