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18-Aug-2017 04:25

By contrast, this journal is aimed at all economists, including those not conversant with recent work in the subspecialty of the author.

If you are not familiar with this journal, it is freely available on-line here. Indeed, we prefer to receive article proposals rather than completed manuscripts.

Articles should be as complex as they need to be, but not more so.

Moreover, the necessary complexity should be explained in terms appropriate to an audience presumed to have an understanding of economics generally, but not a specialized knowledge of the author's methods or previous work in this area.

Historically, about 10-15 percent of the articles appearing in our pages originate as unsolicited proposals.

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We always prefer to receive a 2-5 page article proposal rather than a completed manuscript so that we can determine the suitability of an idea before the author makes a large time investment.

Articles appearing in the journal are primarily solicited by the editors and associate editors.

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