Chatrial girl

29-Apr-2018 00:26

There are no separate washrooms for female students in boys’ schools, said Hina bibi, a student of 9th class.

She had not accompanied her family on the ill-fated flight due to her annual examinations.

The holistic approach to development pioneered in the mountainous region by the Aga Khan Development Network has lifted the inhabitants of the remote valleys out of extreme poverty.

Despite the remoteness and inaccessibility, Chitral is now proud to be one of the most educated districts in the country.

Therefore we demand of the government to construct separate schools and colleges for us”.

The picture with the title Beautiful Kalash Girls, Bumborete, Chitral, Pakistan was taken by the photographer Hector Salazar on 25 April 2007 and published over Panoramio.Hasina’s parents Mirza Gul, and Gul Huran, sisters Zahida Parveen and Karina, and brothers Hassan Ali and Fatman Ali were on their way to Lahore to condole the death of a relative.They had left Hasina back home in Chitral so that she could focus on her 7th-grade examinations.The Kalash are only around 4,000 in number, according to Rehmat Increasingly their youth are converting to Islam, prompting activists to campaign to preserve the traditions of the ancient, diminishing tribe.