Boa yunho dating dating hitoff ru

07-Jan-2018 10:36

A mutual friend was said to have introduced them to each other during a friendly gathering.Many believed that this mutual friend was TVXQ’s Yunho.It seems like Bo A finally found the man to share her feelings with.TV Report said that the couple has been dating since late 2016.She then said that if she were to date someone, she would like to able to share her feelings well. Before her relationship with Joo Won was confirmed, Bo A has rarely been seen out with a male figure.From her debut day until today, there were only two accountable rumors regarding Bo A’s past relationships.In terms of dancing, there is no denying that Bo A shows the best chemistry with Yunho, especially during her “Only One” stages.It is debatable whether the two were once a couple or not.

Fortunately, Joo Won shared to the fans a message from girlfriend, Bo A.

Many fans were stirred by this news and expressed their heartbreaks.

However, Bo A made an acclamation that the male friend she was with was her “dancers’ stylist”.

Still, that doesn’t stop Bo A and Joo Won from falling for each other.

The 30-year-old singer and actress landed her interest on the 29-year-old actor after meeting each other through a mutual friend. ”Years of working in a highly competitive industry made Bo A an independent woman.

Five years after the previous rumor had passed, another rumor rose to the surface.